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Evidence for disposal of used batteries

The following evidence is addressed for all, who use batteries or products with implemented batteries and who don´t resell them in the delivered shape (end-user):

1. gratuitous retraction from used batteries

Batteries can´t dispose in the garbage. You are legally bound for refund of used batteries, herewith a properly disposal will be ensure. Used batteries can be deliver at local collecting points or in locally commerce. Also we as a distributor of batteries are obliged to retract used batteries, whereby our retraction obligation confine oneself on used batteries that we stock or have stocked as new batteries in our range. You can send these used batteries sufficient franked back to us or deliver them gratuitous directly at our delivery warehouse at the following address:

Mielke GmbH
An der Meesche 4
38159 Vechelde

2. meaning of the battery icon

Batteries are labelled with an icon of a crossed dustbin (see below). This icon indicate that it isn´t allowed to disposte them in the garbage. For batteries that include more than 0,0005 mass percent quicksilver, more than 0,002 mass percent cadmium or more than 0,004 mass percent lead, is the chemical label of each used pollutants located under the dustbin icon - withal „Cd“ means cadmim, „Pb“ means lead and „Hg“ means quicksilver.



Our active contribution for protection our environment:

EVERYONE should achieve an active contribution for our environment in one´s possible scope.
We utilize for our deliveries of goods for the predominant part used cardboard boxes or packaging materials that are in an impeccable shape.

We see a shipping packaging as a benefit and a protecting envelope, so we don´t utilize a highly polished shipping packaging because in most cases it will be torn openend careless because the customers look forward to the ordered article.

It protects the environment and saves our purses. Thanks for your contribution to accept this regulation.


Customer information

Pictures and weight

We registered every article fotographic, although of professional foto and light engineering, a color fidelity reproduction isn´t guarantee on your monitor. Therefore painted color brilliants aren´t identical with the original. Weight Information from the manufactura.

*Applies for delivery to Germany. The delivery time for other countries and information for calculation of the delivery date, see here.