Here in our online shop you can choose each disc and accesoires with different color, weight and additional as picture!

  • Beautiful & Rare

  • Buzzz Z Full Foil Super Color Firework

  • Compass DyeMax 8-Bit Thor Gold

  • Crank Z Dyed

  • Flick Z Dyed

  • Glide Z Dyed

  • Marvel 3-D Captain America Compass Opto

  • Meteor Z Dyed

  • NUKE SS Dye-Z

  • PA3 Putter 300 The Chains

  • Predator Z Dyed

  • Punisher Z Dyed

  • Stalker Z Dyed

  • Xpress Dye-Z

  • Avenger SS Dye-Z

  • Caltrop Gold-Decodye

Customer information


We registered every article fotographic, although of professional foto and light engineering, a color fidelity reproduction isn´t guarantee on your monitor. Therefore painted color brilliants aren´t identical with the original.